Consultancy Services

Miriam Harte offers a comprehensive range of heritage Consultancy services and Interim Management based on practical senior management experience. Consultancy projects are tailored to both private and public sector organisations.

What can Miriam Harte Consultancy do for you?

Miriam Harte adopts a unique hands-on approach, working closely with individuals and teams to build sustainable visitor focussed plans. Services include:

Consultancy Services

  • Project Management
  • Business Planning
  • Project feasibility
  • Project development
  • Project review and evaluation
  • Project funding
  • Interpretation and customer service planning
  • Expert client
  • Project funding

Interim Management

  • Interim CEO/Director
  • Operational Management
  • Senior Team Management
  • Key client and Stakeholder Management
  • Continuity Management
  • Succession Planning/Gap filling

Who can use Miriam Harte Consultancy and Interim Management Services?

  • Independent Trusts
  • Museum Services
  • RDA’s
  • Private clients
  • Local authorities
  • Associate Consultants
  • Privately owned houses and Estate Trustees/Managers