Miriam Harte works with a range of other senior Associates who are expert in the cultural, heritage and tourism industries.

The benefit of working in collaboration with Associates means:

  • Larger projects can be carried out
  • Access to a full team of experts bringing complementary skills
  • Collaborative working bringing diversity of experience and knowledge in a cost-effective manner
  • Access to trusted and acknowledged professionals and expertise

Associates Miriam Harte works with

  • ERS - Economic Development, Regeneration and Culture
  • Cultures in Regeneration - Culture and Arts Development and Policy in South Africa
  • Maxted Cliff - Planning and Regeneration
  • Grit and Pearl - Arts, Culture, Public Art

Associate Collaboration Opportunities

Miriam Harte welcomes opportunities to collaborate with other Associates in the cultural, heritage and tourism sectors and would be particularly interested to hear from you about the following Consultancy Projects:

  • International opportunities
  • World Heritage sites
  • Open Air Museums
  • Privately owned Estates and Gardens

Contact Miriam Harte for a discussion about Project Collaboration Opportunities